Herb Henley

David Walton

Greg Wilkes

Jayden Beaudoin


Dave Herrick

Rudy Nothof

Martin Walters

Smokey Walters

Ervin Betke


Brett Feland

Cheryl McPherson

Bill Cannon

Howard Saslove


Mark Edwards

Roberta Franchuk

Connor Learmonth

Ron Middleton

Rick Michielin

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band photo by Michael Leenheer, New Light Photography, 780-288-8002

And thanks to all who have played with us in the past (and sometimes fill in when needed, if we ask them nicely), including: Guillermo Valle, Cherilyn Michaels, Reg Silvester, Fred Mitchell, Jon Maegaard, Deb Maerz, Graham Cooke, Nils Skalin, Justin Kautz, Richard Kyllo, Ken Berg, Joanna Gottlob, Darren Cooke, Peter Ordynec, Dale Maves, Rick Harvey, Ihor Nedoshytko, Lynn Hewitt, Linda Reinhold, Matthew Parsons, Lyndsey Cohen, Terry Jorden, Ken Jones, Debbie Willis, Alanna Willis, Shannon Willis, Stephen Walton, John Zurawell, Neil McClelland, Jonathan Paton, Malcolm Jones, Cliff Currie, Larry Schrum, Diana Lee, Rory Sallis, Russ Forrester, Fred Mitchell, Jack Winter, Hugh Vance, Dennis Adcock, Danny Busse, Lisa Bray, Rob Seymour, Kevin Rispler, Fred Husband, Andrew Capper, Hugh Campbell... and many others.

We are saddened, as are many in the Edmonton area, to hear of the passing of music legend Bobby Cairns in November 2020. He provided our band with his wisdom and good nature; it was always a treat when he directed us to become better musicians. We will miss him.

The C-Jam Big Band honours the memory of Dean Perkins who passed away in July 2011 at much too young an age. Dean was a fine trumpet player and an all-around great guy who always brought his joy in life to the work he did with us.